In a recent survey of women who used The Myself® Trainer, a majority of them said using the trainer improved their quality of life in a variety of ways from a significant decrease in leakage to an improved sex life, speeds pregnancy recovery and eases menopause symptoms. Seeing measurable, positive results is very motivating. A strengthened pelvic floor can allow a woman to feel more confident and resume a lifestyle with more activity, socializing, travel and freedom. Many women, young and older, are talking about The Myself® Trainer and here are what some women have had to say:

Sara, 45 years of age from Colorado Springs, CO

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During her days as an occupational therapist, Sara regularly worked with patients with incontinence issues and taught them to do Kegel exercises. However, the mother of four did not realize she was also experiencing symptoms of incontinence until she began using The Myself® Trainer to track her own progress.

“I was going to the bathroom every hour and getting up in the middle of the night,” Sara recalled. “But, I never thought about it. I just thought because I had given birth to four children this was going to be a part of my life.”

Sara also realized she was constantly looking for the nearest restroom on her way to visit patients and leaking a little when she coughed. She began regularly using The Myself® Trainer to improve her pelvic exercise routine and track her improvement.

“No matter what you have learned about Kegel exercises, there is no substitute to seeing what you are doing on a screen,” said Sara. “The real time feedback lets you know how hard you are flexing and how long you are able to hold it. It gives you that extra oomph and encouragement to know you are doing the exercises correctly.” Read More

After using The Myself® Trainer, Sara stopped worrying about coughing and noticed a significant improvement in her symptoms.* Even though she practiced Kegels before using The Myself® Trainer, the immediate feedback made a big difference and she found she was able to increase her muscle strength.

“There is more to life than going to the bathroom,” said Sara. “I’m not going back to that point in my life. It was so fabulous the first time I slept through the night.”

In addition to reducing symptoms of incontinence, Sara noticed an improvement in her sex life. Her husband noticed the difference too. She believes sex is better now than it ever was, and that’s not something she is willing to give up.

Rachael, 36 years of age from Dallas, TX

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Rachael has been an athlete her entire life. In high school she played volleyball, basketball and track, and in college she played a range of intramural sports. It was during high school swim meets that Rachael realized she had a problem.

“I had to go to the restroom a lot during swim meets,” Rachael remembers. “I used to curb drinking water all day to avoid going to the bathroom so I was not drinking as much as I should.”

Rachael was also getting up several times during the night to use the bathroom. It was Rachael’s mother who noticed she had a problem and recommended she try The Myself® Trainer.

“I thought I had an over-active bladder,” said Rachael. “What I had was urge incontinence, and over time with The Myself® Trainer I learned I could strengthen my muscles to hold it longer and longer. Now I’m not worried and I drink more water every day.” Read More

Rachael had never done Kegel exercises before using The Myself® Trainer. With the product she was able to overcome the frequent urge to go and achieve a better quality of life. She noticed a difference in a short time, and within a year she could sleep through the night. She also says her partner can tell the difference during sex.

Rachael continues to use The Myself® Trainer on a regular basis and recommends it to her friends. If she notices her symptoms coming back and that she is waking up during the night she increases her exercise with The Myself® Trainer until her symptoms subside.

Isabelle, 65 years of age from The Northeast

Believer in The Myself® Trainer

Isabelle, a mother and grandmother, began experiencing bladder leakage in her 50’s when she laughed, coughed or sneezed. As an avid golfer, when she could not make it through a round of golf without stopping to use the bathroom and change her pad, she decided it was time to see her doctor. A urologist referred Isabelle to a nurse practitioner to learn Kegel exercises with biofeedback in the doctor’s office.

“When I finished my sessions with the nurse, she recommended I try The Myself® Trainer at home,” says Isabelle. “I found it easy to use and logical. It gave me the same feedback I was getting in the office; I could visually see what was happening and if I was holding the exercise for long enough or releasing too early.” Read More

After using The Myself® Trainer for six months, Isabelle started to notice results. “I was looking for results on the golf course and I got to the point that I didn’t have to change my pads on the golf course, then I moved to a thinner pad,” explained Isabelle. “The Myself® Trainer strengthens your muscles so they kick in automatically when needed. It improves muscle memory. It’s the difference between doing a bicep curl without any weight and doing a bicep curl with a 10lb weight.”

Today, in addition to golf, Isabelle also works out with a personal trainer twice a week and focuses on abdominal exercises. She has found the combination of core exercises with her trainer and using The Myself® Trainer by herself at home has been very effective.

Isabelle has recommended The Myself® Trainer to her friends and even her gynecologist. However, she says the topic of pelvic health can still be difficult to talk about.

“I think this problem is one of the last women’s personal issues that is not openly discussed yet,” says Isabelle. “I’m of the generation that went through the whole women’s movement, through talking about periods and sex and orgasms, but this issue is still not talked about. You do feel like this is something you don’t have control over.”

After years of using The Myself® Trainer, Isabelle still wears a very light pad and has symptoms occasionally when she sneezes, but she does not have a problem when she laughs and doesn’t have to stop anymore while on the golf course. If she notices her symptoms getting worse, she increases her exercise with The Myself® Trainer until her symptoms improve again.

“My goal has always been to keep bladder problems under control. In 20 years I will be an old lady but I won’t be an old lady in diapers!” said Isabelle. “Personally, it is a really big confidence boost for me and I credit The Myself® Trainer with possibly helping me avoid surgery.”

Diane, 71 years of age from CA

Lifelong Kegels with Biofeedback Advocate

Diane began practicing pelvic muscle exercises soon after she was married. Her husband was a doctor, who studied under Dr. Kegel, the man who invented Kegel exercises (also known as pelvic muscles exercises), when he was in medical school. To his credit, Diane learned the value of Kegel exercises in the 1960’s and diligently practiced the exercises through each of her four pregnancies.

In addition to being a mother and grandmother, Diane is also a nurse. Early in her career, she worked with new mothers to help them with breastfeeding through La Leche League and later became a Lamaze teacher, where she taught women how to do pelvic muscle exercises.

Even though she was practicing the exercises on her own, after giving birth to four children and undergoing a hysterectomy, Diane began experiencing symptoms of incontinence when she coughed or sneezed. She was also frequently getting up during the night to go to the bathroom.

Diane learned about The Myself® Trainer in the 1990s and decided to try it. Read More

“I wanted to try to avoid surgery,” said Diane. “I liked that it was easier to do the exercises because I had biofeedback. My husband always said you have to do pelvic muscle exercises 100 times a day, but I learned I was over doing it. The Myself® Trainer helped because it guided me as to how much I needed to use it.”

After using The Myself® Trainer, Diane was able to strengthen her muscles so she could sleep through the night without having to wake up to use the bathroom. Using it helped her to do pelvic muscle exercises more effectively than she was doing them before on her own.

“If I don’t exercise these muscles regularly, I get symptoms again,” said Diane. “I don’t use pads now, but if I didn’t use The Myself® Trainer I would definitely need them.”

Diane continues to use The Myself® Trainer three times a week. She keeps it in her bathroom and says it helps her remember to make it part of her morning routine.

Diane is currently a practicing psychologist who works from home and still recommends pelvic muscle exercises with biofeedback to her patients. She often sees women who have lost their level of intimacy because they are not taking care of themselves and these muscles. She urges women to practice these exercises because, according to her, The Myself® Trainer can also be a husband’s best friend.

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