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Help & How to Use

Are there any side effects?

The Myself® Trainer is clinically shown to be safe and effective and no side effects have been found when used as directed.

Can I use The Myself® Trainer after pelvic surgery?

Do not use The Myself® Trainer during the first 6 weeks following pelvic surgery as it may interfere with healing.

Can I use The Myself® Trainer during my period?

This is a personal decision. It is not harmful to use The Myself® Trainer during menses. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the sensor as directed after use.

Can I use The Myself® Trainer during pregnancy?

Women who are pregnant should consult with a physician before using The Myself® Trainer. Do not use The Myself® Trainer during the first 6 weeks following childbirth or pelvic surgery as it may interfere with healing.

Can I use The Myself® Trainer if I have active symptoms of any pelvic disease?

Use of The Myself® Trainer during active symptoms of any pelvic disease such as herpes, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), vaginitis, or yeast infection may cause discomfort and aggravate your symptoms.

How can I tell if I am doing the exercises correctly?

One way to know that you are performing the exercise correctly is through the use of the sensor handle.
  • Hold the sensor handle when you start your exercise.
  • Pay attention to how the sensor moves while you are squeezing.
  • When you are performing the exercise properly you should feel as if you are drawing the sensor inward slightly.
  • If you feel the sensor moving outward you are most likely using your stomach muscles instead of your pelvic muscles.
  • If the sensor is remaining still or is pulling inward slightly then you are using the correct muscles.

To help isolate the correct pelvic muscles, you should concentrate on squeezing and lifting your muscles WITHOUT:

  • Pulling in your abdominal muscles
  • Squeezing your legs together
  • Tightening your buttocks
  • Holding your breath

By avoiding these actions, you can properly isolate the pelvic floor muscles.

How does The Myself® Trainer work?

The Myself® Trainer works by helping you identify the correct muscles, providing resistance for the pelvic muscles to squeeze against, measuring the strength of pelvic muscle contractions and providing immediate feedback and motivational cues during the exercise. The stronger the squeezing action by pelvic muscles, the greater the number of colored bands that are displayed on the screen. The Myself® Trainer guides you through a five minute exercise session, indicating when to flex and when to relax. As the muscles get stronger over time, The Myself® Trainer tracks your progress by moving you up through three different strength levels over time.

How long do I need to use The Myself® Trainer to notice results?

The Myself® Trainer can help improve pelvic floor muscle strength when used as directed. Just as it takes time to strengthen other muscles; it takes time and consistent exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. In a clinical study, 100% of women reported they noticed an improvement after using The Myself® Trainer for 16 weeks. Your results may vary, based on individual health conditions and consistency of use.

How often should I do the exercises?

We recommend you use The Myself® Trainer once a day at first, increasing to twice a day as your strength improves. However, it is important not to fatigue your muscles by doing too much too quickly. As with any strengthening program you will need to continue your exercises to maintain your muscle strength. Note: one exercise session is 5 minutes long. If you do more than one session a day, be sure to allow adequate time (3 to 4 hours) for your muscles to rest between sessions.

Is The Myself® Trainer difficult to use?

The Myself® Trainer is easy to use and features a simple guided exercise routine that can be completed in just five minutes per day.

Where can I buy The Myself® Trainer?

The Myself® Trainer is only available online at

Why does the disconnect message flash on the screen during my exercise session?

The sensor is over inflated. Disconnect the sensor tubing from the back of the display unit to deflate, follow pumping cues on the display and begin the 5 minute exercise session again.